Top female celeb beefs in Mzansi Showbiz

indafrica February 24, 2022
Updated 2022/02/24 at 6:35 AM

Our gorgeous female stars keep our entertainment in the media world, from radio, television and more, but they’re also human beings, and they get ticked off sometimes. Sometimes they get so annoyed that they retaliate and fight other stars. Here are some of the biggest Mzansi fallouts from our stars.

Pearl Thusi and Bonang Matheba

Pearl and Bonang had zero animosity before. When DJ Zinhle was pregnant with AKA’s child, AKA left her for Bonang, and they dated. Pearl called Bonang immoral for agreeing to be with the rapper whilst fully aware of Zinhle’s situation.

Pearl became closer with Zinhle, and they had a friendship that is still strong to this day. Queen Sono has also taken jabs at Bonang Matheba.

Moozlie and Nadia Nakai

A rap beef. Moozlie once said something offensive about Nadia.

Nadia retaliated and mentioned Moozlie’s separation from the record label Cash Time. Both these queens eventually apologized to one another and settled their beef.

Lerato Kganyago and Dj Zinhle

Both female DJs were once very close. When Dj Zinhle wasn’t spotted at Lerato’s wedding, it raised many eyebrows. Zinhle confirmed this year that she wasn’t invited and didn’t even know LKG was getting married.

Lerato publicly corrected her after the interview, and now, they still don’t seem to be seeing eye to eye. Either that or they’ve just outgrown one another.

Fifi Cooper and Gigi Lamayne

Another rap beef. When Fifi Cooper was at the peak of her musical career, Gigi unexpectedly blocked her on social media. Fifi spoke about the sudden blocking on various media outlets, and she also speculated it might be jealousy. Both female rappers were never seen together afterwards.

Ntsiki Mazwai and various entertainers.

Well, Ntsiki is a very controversial woman who’s always on everyone’s lips for going head to head with these celebs. She went to the Twitter streets to rant over Pearl Thusi, Bonang Matheba, Moonchild Sanelly and many more.

Zodwa Wabantu and Skolopad

Skolopad went to the media and expressed how Zodwa Wabantu ignored her. Both females are in the same craft, but they seem not to click. When Zodwa was asked about it, she said Skolopad is brainless and not worthy of her attention.

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