Trouble for Nkosi as Mampho brings him devastating news

Just as Nkosi Zwide had finally won the heart of the love of his life Shoki again, he surely didn’t expect the news his one night stand with Mampho will come back to bite him in the backside again. The news Mampho is bringing will definitely break Nkosi.

You will remember that Nkosi had a one night stand with his father’s intern Mampho, this was after he was in a relationship with his girlfriend Shoki.

After Shoki found out about this she broke up with Nkosi and Mampho was fired from her internship at House of Zwide, after she was set up to fail by Nkosi stepmother Faith Zwide.

And Nkosi has been trying to win back Shoki and well after eventually getting back together Mampho Returns.

Mampho will return and bring devastating news to Nkosi, she will tell Nkosi that she is pregnant and he is the father.

A shocked Nkosi will tell Mampho that he doesn’t believe her and a DNA test will be done to determine if he is indeed the father.

And the result will come back 99.9% positive, bringing Nkosi World crumbling down. It will be interesting to see if Nkosi will tell Shoki about this new development or he will keep it a secret.


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