Trouble in paradise: Zodwa Wabantu calls police on her new Ben 10

indafrica February 25, 2022
Updated 2022/02/25 at 6:20 AM

Zodwa seeks refugee at a police station for protection against violent Ben 10 Ricardo
It never rains but pours for exotic dancer Zodwa Wabantu .

The dancer has been trending after she reportedly called the cops on her Ben 10 boyfriend, Ricardo . However, rumour has it Zodwa had to turn to the police after Ricardo turned violent after a fallout.

According to several sources, a brawl ensued after Zodwa refused to pay Ricardo’s Uber bills after coming home late from his parting spree.

The fee was from Montecasino Zodwa’s house in Fourways. Rumour mill has it that Ricardo was given money to use for his parting bills with his friends but later ended spending it all, leaving him with no money to catch a ride home.

However, in the mix of things, he convinced a Uber driver to take him home since Zodwa would pay the fee upon arrival. Zodwa was singing from a different hymnal in the mix of things as she refused to foot Ricardo’s expenses.

Zodwa seeks refugee at a police station for protection against violent Ben 10 Ricardo.

After blatantly refusing, sources have it that Ricardo became violent and started slurring insults only to leave Zodwa with no option to turn to the police. Reports have it that Zodwa went to Douglasdale Police station for protection.

A police officer who refused to be named has it that Zodwa came to the station asking for police assistance since she was afraid of her boyfriend.

It has since been confirmed that the police accompanied Zodwa and calmed down the situation. Ricardo’s family was called in and had to issue an apology, according to the police officer.

Zodwa has it that she was ok and unharmed in the mix of things.
Zodwa Wabantu with Ben 10 Ricardo – Source: [email protected]
It comes as a shocker since the two has been serving goals of late, from vacations to matching tattoos.

However, Mzansi weighed into the matter with its two cents in the mix of things. Some have it that she was creating content for her Moja Love reality show. However, some emphasised the issue of counselling, given that Mzansi has lost several celebrities due to depression.
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