#BBMzansi: Themba and Nthabi end up doing it

BBMzansi: Themba ends up under Nthabi’s sheets While you’re here, please follow me.

The moment the housemates understand that they are playing a game, the easier it becomes for them to betray each other’s emotions and flip-flop in their intentions. They don’t owe each other anything so they move from one housemate to the next, with ease.

Themba has had a blast in Big Brother’s house. Every weekend, he makes sure to cuddle a new girl, even it means cuddling 2 of them in a night.

Last night’s party led him into Nthabi’s arms and her bed. In the same order, he ended up in Venus’s bed as well.

An intimacy between him and Nthabi was almost guaranteed because they had a tongue session at the party and Nthabi was insistent on being glued to him. In the end, Themba ended up under her sheets and caressing her.

I think Themba could be attracted to Nthabi but it’s nothing to write home about. Themba is not invested in anyone emotionally, he doesn’t get attached to anyone like that.

If he cared about Nthabi’s feelings, he wouldn’t have tried to get with Mpho last night or run to Venus’s bed after laying comfortably with Nthabi.

Obviously, there won’t be a ship between them but it’s exciting that they gave viewers content to nibble on, especially because we were itching for some action from the two of them.

Themba made sure to send signals to Nthabi that theirs was just a night to live in memory. By going to Venus knowing Nthabi sees him, he knew she’ll just forget about everything and learn that it’s a game.

A voice of reason should ring in Nthabi’s head or she’ll forget why she’s in the house, for someone who’s a flip-flop.

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