Master KG exposed of cheating on Makhadzi with IG Model

indafrica February 27, 2022
Updated 2022/02/27 at 6:30 AM

The singer/dancer Makhadzi’s relationship with the producer/Dj Master KG is always known for being rocky. The couple dated years back and even have songs together one of the song titled “Limpopo”.

After the song was music video were released rumours came out that Master KG had been cheating on Makhadzi, pictures of him and the young girl were circulating on social media.

Like the public say it was only after Makhadzi’s career leveled up more, that the couple got back together. Makhadzi’s fans were not taking the news well.

Some saying Master KG is using Makhadzi because she’s now at the top of her game. Makhadzi did not care what people were saying instead she showed us that she really loves Master KG by posting him on social media, on his birthday.

The caption of the picture read “Besides being my soulmate you are one of the most humble artist I have met. Happy birthday to you and may God bless you with many years.

Cheers to more music loading…I wish you nothing but the best.”
Then Master KG responded with hearts. They even released a song titled “Kulakwe” early this year. The couple also spent their Valentine’s day in a romantic setup , even master KG reportedly bought her a car.

It was only yesterday when a gossip page on Instagram posted screenshots of what looked like the Onele Bhelekazy girl drinking champagne at Master KG’s apartment. She then later removed the picture when she noticed that the people are on her.

Makhadzi got so angry that she blocked the gossip page on Instagram. However, people felt like Makhadzi does not want to learn. That she’s quick to get angry at bloggers reporting such news but not at her “cheating” man.

The gossip page further went on to post about the huge Telefunken Tv that Master KG allegedly once bought for the well known Instagram star Eva Modika.

Eva is also a cast member on the new showmax reality show “Diamond and Dolls”. She did try to defend herself but the admin was not buying it.

If these rumours are really true we hope Makhadzi cuts herself off from the toxic relationship. She’s beautiful, young, talented and deserves genuine love.

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