List of lowest paid actors in Mzansi and their salaries

Dear readers today our focus is on the lowest paid actors in South Africa. The article will run on shows in South Africa based on acquired information.

You may not be able to see some of the actors because the research done to conduct this article was miniature. Without any hesitation, let’s get the article underway with the list of the lowest paid actors in South Africa.

1. Screwdriver From Uzalo

Screwdriver from Uzalo makes top of the list as the lowest paid actor in South Africa. Screwdriver doesn’t play a crucial role in Uzalo. His role doesn’t really bring any drama or light to the show. He has never been involved in any feud, so it is understandable why he doesn’t get paid much.

Another thing that makes him not to be paid a large sum of money is because of his appearance in the drama. As I said he has never been involved in any feud so his time infront of the camera is very slim.

To wrap up the case of Screwdriver we have to tell you how much he earns. According to multiple sources, Screwdriver earns R7 000 per month.

2) Vho-Borosi From Muvhango

Some of you may not know this man and that is very understandable. Vho-Borosi makes atleast 4-7 appearances on Muvhango per month.

The good thing about Vho-Borosi is that he is a teacher at a school in Thohoyandou, the school is known as Tshedza Comprehension School. That is the reason why he does not get to appear too much on Muvhango. The acting career is basically a part-time job for this man.

The salary of Vho-Borosi doesn’t come as a surprise because it is a part time job. Vho-Borosi earns approximately R9 200 per month.

3) Wallet From Skeem Saam

To be honest I am also flabbergasted to perceive this bloke in this inventory. Wallet is very talented and we were lucky enough to witness this man portraying his talent on screen.

However are you ready for a twist of the tale in this case? Wallet is a Poetic person and he had collaborated with Skeem Saam in order to add more publicity to his poems. Have you read the famous poem titled “Morality Is A Strict Father”? Well he is the poet behind the poem.

Due to the collaboration between the 2 parties Wallet “was” earning R12 000 per month and this was due to the number of times he was spending behind the camera.

Apparently he had a contract which wasn’t fixed on the salary and that is why sometimes he made random appearances out of nowhere.

5) Hleziphi from Uzalo

Well as much as we might think that it is unfair for her to get paid less, we have to acknowledge the fact that the Production of Uzalo was funding her for her education at the Higher Institution. She graduated last year and now has a degree for Bsc(Bachelor of science). Her appearance on Uzalo was basically just returning the favour to her Bursars.

Hleziphi was earning R14 000 per month from Uzalo, this is according to multiple sources.

This is how we have to conclude our article for today, be on the look out for more articles like this. Please be sure to leave a comment and share the article with others. – Opera

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