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New Sundowns player struck by lighting

Limpopo is one of the provinces where there are always shocking incidents involving witchcraft. This is especially true in the province of Mpumalanga.

If you speak to anyone who knows anything about the Limpopo people, they will tell you that it is there that witchcraft is practiced at its most extreme level.

Limpopo is a province where the people who live there still believe in their culture and the traditional ways of doing things that have existed for centuries. That is one of the reasons why they have not abandoned the practice of witchcraft.

Just a few weeks ago, there was a report about an elderly guy who was discovered stranded on someone’s roof in the middle of the night, leading some to suspect he was engaging in witchcraft practices.

There was a story in the newspaper the same week that described a young venda boy who was struck by lightning when he was playing soccer with his pals on the playground. In Venda, miracles actually occur on a regular basis, as demonstrated by all of these instances.

The legend of Africa holds that a thunderstorm is a common occurrence; nevertheless, there is another type of lightning that is used by individuals who engage in witchcraft. For the sake of their own personal gain, they utilize it to kill or destroy the property of others.

Another horrifying occurrence occurred in Limpopo’s Seshego Zone 1 yesterday, just when we thought we’d seen it all.

A young man was struck by lightning while he was engaged in a game of soccer with his pals at the time. It was tragic that he passed away at the scene of the crime, but that is life.

Following an investigation, it was discovered that this individual had had contact with the Mamelodi Sundowns development team prior to his arrest. Take a look at his images below.

Following the publication of this story on social media, practically everyone assumed that these were acts of witchcraft to be taking place.

This lightning strike was believed to have been dispatched by someone who is probably envious of the fact that this young man has signed a contract with the most powerful team in the world.

A few people went on to declare that the relatives of the deceased should travel to the village of Sangoma so that they can return the lightning back to its source.


Just a few weeks ago, there was a report about a venda person who was struck by lightning and killed. It appears that people are no longer afraid of or ashamed of the fact that they are practicing witchcraft. The events that take place in Limpopo are really frightening.

Some battles are more strong and deeper than others, and you cannot approach them with your naked eyes because of their depth and intensity. All that is required of us is to seek protection and guidance from the nearly invincible.

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