RIP: Condolences pour in to Zakes Bantwini

This life no balance, especially this year of 2022 things are very bad in South Africa, we still don’t know what is wrong, what have South African country done to deserve this. Is almost 3 months now in this year of 2022 but South African country already lost over 5 well known celebrities.

This country of South Africa need a serious cleansing maybe things will be better or else so many celebrities will keep on dying each and every month, it will be pain after pain, it will be tears after tears.

The reason why we say South African country this year is not a good year for them and the country need cleansing is because of Three to Four weeks ago we lost Patrick Shai then the following month we lost Rikhado Muziwendlovu Makhado past few days ago. Then today we send Condolences to one of the closest friend of award winning, Osama hit Zakes Bantwini.

Zakes Bantwini last night on his Social Media Facebook Page, he posted a picture of himself and his close friends we don’t know his name so far, but the face of Zakes Bantwini friend looks so familiar.

On the Picture Zakes Bantwini he uploaded on Social Media he caption it by saying: Rest Mnganam it means Rest In Peace my close friend. Here is the picture of Zakes Bantwini and his close friend he died below. May his soul rest in peace and Zakes Bantwini he must be strong like a real man, we know death is something that we cannot be proud of.

Zakes Bantwini must keep himself strong and keep on releasing hit music, everything will be fine. His not the first and the last person to loose a friend. Zakes Bantwini’s friend may his soul rest in peace until we meet again. And remember death is something we can be proud of.

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