Babes Wodumo cheating on Moampintsha? Caught kissing another man

indafrica March 10, 2022
Updated 2022/03/10 at 3:40 PM

A video of Babes Wodumo and her “male best friend” kissing has since gone viral. Fans cannot help but wonder if her husband Mampintsha actually approves of that.

We cannot remember the last time Babes Wodumo actually trended for the right reasons. If she is not fighting with her mother-in-law, she is accusing Makhadzi of trying to sleep with her man.

Now, a clip of her and another man, by the name of Sizwe Mdlalose, who is known by many in the Durban entertainment scene, has gone viral and is causing a stir.

Babes Wodumo and Sizwe, who is featured on Dladla Mshunqisi’s song, Uphetheni Esandleni, are talking about being famous in Durban and other surrounding areas.

In the video they first share a kiss and then he brags about being well-known. Babes dances and says ‘peace.’

Some people were not talking about the kiss in particular but were taken aback by her orange weave, but we’re not going to get into that.

The reactions from this video are hilarious, as innocent as the kiss might have been, people still had the most hilarious responses from it.

Babes and Makhadzi were beefing because she alleged that she wanted to sleep with her husband and that she smells really bad. But the Khokhovha hitmaker hit back and said Mampintsha was eyeing her the entire time they were in studio recording new music and Babes did not like that.

“I came to your studio to work, and wanted Mampintsha to put a verse. But when I arrived, you didn’t want me to record. Instead, you fought with Mampintsha in front of everyone. You told him you had discovered me before him. You told me your problems, a lot of things which I can’t even reveal now. You didn’t want me to record with him because you felt like it was supposed to be you and not Mampintsha,” started Makhadzi on Facebook live.

“Your man, Mampintsha, was following me around and it is not my problem. Your man loves women and you must deal with him, not me. Wena you must deal with your man, not me. Your man followed me. Do you think I can control for someone to not look at me? Funny thing is I didn’t even have your man’s number. Even today, I don’t have your man’s number,” she said.

She pleaded with Babes to stop tarnishing her name, “Today you’re tarnishing my name. Please stop. I didn’t take your man and I don’t go around taking people’s boyfriends, You have problems with your man and you were beating him up in front of us. You fought with him for just looking at me.

I kept this as a secret because I respect you, but since you are looking for attention you come up with an allegation that I’m sleeping with your man. I have my own boyfriend and I am not cheap like that. So please respect me. Don’t go around tarnishing my name,” she concluded.

Babes never spoke of Makhadzi ever since but drama continued to follow her.

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