#HouseofZwide: How Funani and Faith’s marriage comes to an end

indafrica March 11, 2022
Updated 2022/03/11 at 6:21 PM

The Zwide union is about to end as it did not start well from the beginning of everything. Funani, who is the husband of Faith was married to Nkosi and Onalerona’s mother who died in a house fire that was ignited by Faith and Isaac.

Faith was the side chick of Funani before they became official and thus taking a further step in as much as marriage is concerned. Faith was jealous of the late wife of Funani and then planned to kill her so that she can sit on her throne.

Faith successfully sat on Funani’s late wife’s throne and gave away with their child who is Onalerona.

The truth is about to come out and soon Funani will be reunited with her child. Funani’s late mom was about to reveal the truth when she first met Onalerona who works as an intern at House of Zwide, as an old woman who is spiritually inclined, she sensed that Onalerona belongs to their Zwide tribe but Faith silenced her by killing her so that she would die with the truth.

Funani is now designing dresses for Nina who is an old friend of Faith. They started working together after Faith forced Funani to work with her but it seems like the relationship is now beyond professionalism as Faith suspects that there is something going on between the two.

Funani feels very comfortable around Nina who caused him to be able to pour out his heart about everything that eats him up.

Funani and Nina are going through the same phase in life, they are both mourning for their lost children and they try to remember them by the smallest of things just like having their pictures and have someone who will listen to them when they feel like talking about how much they miss them.

Funani is not getting all that from Faith who told her that she does not want any pictures of his lost daughter.

Nina has become Funani’s shoulder to cry on and Funani looks forward on divorcing Faith and start something new with Nina who really understands him and would make him happy by respecting how he feels and also wants certain things to be done.

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