N#ked pics of Actor Vuyo ‘Gadaffi’ Dabula trend on social media

indafrica March 14, 2022
Updated 2022/03/14 at 2:50 PM

Vuyo Dabula is undoubtedly one of the finest men in Mzansi, but his most recent picture was one the ladies were neither expecting nor ready for.

The actor recently took to Instagram to post the ultimate thirst traps. In the pictures, he is shirtless, and it looks like he just came from working out. From three different angles, he shows off his abs, and nobody can keep calm.

The comments section was ablaze with ladies thirsting over the photos. But they all agree that he needs to get a better phone so he can take better pictures. I mean, what is that picture quality, and in 2022? Even so, he captured what he meant to capture, and it gave what it was supposed to give.

The star recently left his prime role on Generations: The Legacy. After rumours had done the rounds for a few days, he finally came out to confirm that he had indeed left the show. Any footage of the show still showing his character was pre-recorded, as he has been gone for months.

Fans were heartbroken by the news, as his character, the “thug in a suit” Kumkani ‘Gadaffi’ Phakade, had grown to be one of the fan favourites. Even now, they are still in his comments, saying how much they miss him on the show.

But his character reached the end of the road, and after denying it for a long time, he said he would never look back. Regardless of the heartbreak, though, fans were still very supportive of his decision, and of his career in general.

He is not a man to stay down for long, though. Shortly after he confirmed the end of the road for his Generations: The Legacy character, he landed a new gig. He was announced as the star of the new 1 Magic romantic comedy-drama series, Entangled, alongside Phuthi Khomo and Vuyo Ngcukana. The show premiered in January of this year, but it is yet to make a huge impact on fans.

Vuyo has also, unfortunately, recently been the victim of a death hoax. A video circulated on TikTok, which announced that he had allegedly passed away.

Needless to say, he was both heartbroken and angered when the news got around to him. Responding to these rumours, he made a video saying “I know it’s a public domain, I am an entertainer so you don’t give a sh*t. To you I have to relinquish my humanity, I have to relinquish everything that makes you human. I am also human…” But Mzansi has since moved on from that mess, thankfully.

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