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indafrica March 15, 2022
Updated 2022/03/15 at 11:48 AM

No, it’s not Emanuel and you won’t have to wait till midnight to watch it. But the channel promises it will be s.e.xy, risqué, with n#dity, a pushed envelope – all anchored in stories.

The new show is going to play at 9.30 pm daily and there will be pr0stitution, a brothel, a man sleeping with a forbidden woman and Zamani Mbatha’ s abs – all the time.

eTV’s Helga Palmer says they have listened to their audience, who want more local content. The channel says they sent a brief out and asked production houses to go as deep and as wide as possible with the storyline.

The Black Door will launch on the channel on 11 April and will have an age restriction of 16. The show’s executive producer, Blackbrain’s Mpumelelo Nhlapo, says they are definitely pushing the boundaries with the show.

It is centred around a man who finds out his brother, a deacon, was a prostitute on the side.
Zamani, who plays Khaya, starts walking in his brother’s footsteps and essentially living his life, in more ways than one.

The Black Door has been commissioned for 260 episodes and will air from Monday to Friday.

“In putting the story together, we actually spent a lot of time with sex workers, coming to understand them. We didn’t just want to do a s.e.x scene, but tell stories. We came to understand that when they go to the places that I’ve never been to, it’s their place of work.

For example, people have relationships at work, but what does a relationship look like between two s.e.x workers?

“People in the workplace also have religious beliefs. Some of them have family, some are married and have relationships and their partners don’t know about it [their jobs] and some of their partners know.”

He says they will be telling real human stories. “As well as the salacious bits, but we are pushing the boundaries to the extremes. We are going into the thing that happen in that world.”

Mpumelelo says they will be shocking audiences all the time with the show, but never for frivolous reasons.

“If you are into twins, little people, . . . you name it, we’ve got it. It’s been a blessing to be able to do this with eTV.”

Intimacy scenes

There have been a lot of conversations in South Africa about intimacy in shows, especially following some of the raunchy scenes in a Showmax telenovela.
How did they handle s.e.x scenes and keeping everyone comfortable on set for such a show?

Mpumelelo says they had intimacy coaches that helped not only the talent, but the production staff as well.

“It was something that was knew for us, but from the first day on set we had an intimacy coach to work with the cast but also the crew. Because a lot of time we look at the cast but there’s also people who have to watch and film this stuff.

“When we do these risqué scenes, with s.e.x, we will minimize the people on set to just the people who need to be there. It also gets a bit deeper than that because there’s also the footage. What do you keep, what do you get rid of?”

It was quite an educational process for them, he says.
“The bottom line is only film what you need to keep, so that you are not keeping things are not necessary and also people’s careers may evolve over time. It’s been a growth point for us as producers, this concept of intimacy coaches.

“But having been there myself with the cast, it was eye opening. Also that we can’t forget about the crew. There’s also little things like after you are done with the scene, how do you talk about it?”

He says they had to be conscious of things like maybe the actor, actress comes from conservative family and now they are thrust into this role, which will have s.e.x scenes.

“So it also involved helping families navigate through that. It has been quite a comprehensive process of making sure that everyone understands that we are telling stories and it’s not just salacious for the sake of it.”

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