Uzalo actress Lilly reveals she’s Bi-sexual… shows off her girlfriend

indafrica March 16, 2022
Updated 2022/03/16 at 6:38 AM

Telling other people about your gender is very difficult for most people, especially when telling your family. Lillian “Lily” Dongwe has been through a lot over the past few weeks after getting shot and end up in a coma.

After a long fight she made it and she is about to reveal a big secret that will shock her mother,MaDongwe, to the core.

MaDongwe is one of those mothers who don’t understand how things are done nowadays especially now that people don’t have to feel the fear of hiding who they are. Telling the world who you are is the most important thing to do because you don’t have to live a lie about yourself and Lilly is about to do that for herself.

We all know that MaDongwe is an old fashion church lady who does things by the book but is very quick to judge. She is about to get the shock of her life when Lilly tells her that she Bisexual.

Imagine when the ladies from church hears about this and how embarrassed she will be which is not how it is suppose to be, MaDongwe will be judged first hand by her best friend Mmadlala know as Shlobo.

The new characters joining Uzalo Season 8 comes with Lily’s new lover, Amahle Sishi played by Hope Mbhele. The new Uzalo character is said to be very fun and she is going to bring light into Lily’s life. She really deserves some happiness after coming out of a coma.

Read the teasers below:

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