See Pics: Black Coffee finally reveals his other hand

DJ Black Coffee’s left-hand revealed after hiding it for many years
No doubt he has been trending of late after it was revealed that his estranged wife Enhle Mbali had moved on with a Gauteng business mogul Peter Sebiloane. Several reports have it that the two have been dating since last year.

However, in the mix of things, close sources have it that the bubbly actress has already moved into Sebiloane’s R30 million mansion in the Northern suburb of Gauteng .

It’s been more than six years since he let Mzansi and the world see his left hand. Black Coffee has seen himself again topping trends after viral pictures of his left hand flooded social media.

This comes as a shocker as the celebrated hardly shows off his left hand. He last shared pictures of his left arm in 2017, but the pictures were later deleted on his social media platforms.

DJ Black Coffee’s left-hand revealed after hiding it for many years
He was very candid about the insecurities that always make him hide his left arm. The African richest DJ, Black Coffee, revealed that he was involved in a horrific taxi accident that left his left arm paralysed for 33 years.

The multi-award-winning DJ has it that he shared pictures of his arm to discredit several narratives that were being paddled by clickbait when it comes to his left arm.

This was the caption Black Coffee used when he shared his pictures back in 2017. However, several images of his left hand have flooded social media again in the mix of things.

Little is known about who shared them, but they were not Black Coffee’s official social media accounts. Mzansi weighed into the comment sections with its two cents.

The last time pictures of his left hand flooded social media, Enhle Mbali was the one behind the leaked images, and she even trolled Black Coffee.

The whole incident happened in the backdrop of their nasty divorce. Could Enhle Mbali be the one behind the viral images again, or has someone just decided to go dirty on the DJ.

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