How Winston will attempt to kidnap Lucy

indafrica March 18, 2022
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On the Next episode of Generations The Legacy- Friday 18 March 2022
Winston spies on Mazwi and Mrekza’s conversation from the bug he planted on Mazwi’s computer
Let’s recap last night’s episode
Sphe has to watch Mia’s body decay.

Winston’s psychopathic ways continue, as he is keeping Sphe in the dungeon with Mia’s body decaying right next to her.

After last night’s dreadful death of Mia, Sphe is miserable and feels guilty that Mia died because of her. She is still in the dungeon, and Winston watches her suffer next to her colleague’s dead body.

Mazwi gives Winston a shiner
.Mazwi cannot hold back when he lays eyes on Winston; he quickly goes over to him and launches a heavy punch that knocks Winston out. Winston was buying food at the kiosk after being detained all night for questioning at the police station.

Mazwi knows something is up with Winston from that short phone call made by Sphe the other day.

Mpho is put back on the serial case; all we could say is, it’s about time. It is his case; after all, if anyone could help this case move along, it is Mpho.

Lelethu betrays Pam

Pamela gets a rude awakening when Lelethu deliberately keeps vital information from her about Winston being connected to Sphe’s kidnapping. His bosses instructed him to break the story without sharing information. Lelethu didn’t want to betray her, though.

Pam is furious when she realises that Lelethu hiding information about Sphe. Credit: Twitter/GenerationsTheLegacy
Mbali is put under peer pressure by her naughty friend, and they steal Lucy’s alcohol.

Nkosiyabo claims he appreciates Nontle’s bravery, telling Ayanda that that is why he hired her. Ayanda doesn’t approve at all.
Coming up in the next episode
No one is ready for the level of terror.

Winston is operating on. He is playing chess, and everyone is his pawn.

Winston bugged Mazwi’s computer, and he is listening to all the plans he is making. Mazwi tells Mre to follow Winston’s every move, but he doesn’t know Winston is one level up. Winston is in control, and he has eyes at the back of his head.

Mbali and Gugu are drinking and not studying. Mbali is going into a very dark place with Gugu.

Nkosiyabo is boss

Nkosiyabo doesn’t take orders; he gives them, and he will not allow a mere employee even to try.

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