SAD: A man who was working for Riky Rick took his own life yesterday

indafrica March 19, 2022
Updated 2022/03/19 at 3:08 AM

A Man has shocked many members of the public when he went onto social media to announce that the man has died, he wrote “@RealBlackCoffee hope you see this the king who was hooking you up at Ricky’s shop is no more.”

And he further went to say that he had never seen him so happy after interacting with you, it clearly shows that the artist touches the hearts of many members of our society.

It is very unfortunate that there are people who are killing themselves out there for somewhat trivial natters, when they just get along well with other people and forget their problems.

The man was working at one of the famous barber shops owned by Ricky Rick and he was meeting a pot of people and artists so he is known by a lot of those artists, this is very heart-breaking news.

Suicide is a psychological disease that is brought on by by deep sadness and disposition to wallow in one’s sadness, and basically have a very negative outlook on life leading to constant negative thoughts that might lead one to suicide.

People who suffer from depression are in a situation where they are isolated from the rest of the world even though it seems like they are happy, they will be sad at times.

The only cure is training the mind to have a positive outlook on life coupled by constant education about the underlying problems, it takes time but most of the time you are the one who gets yourself in such a mess by choosing not to constantly adjust your emotions and thoughts towards positive things so that you don’t grow bitter and hopeless.

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