Tonight Winston hangs Sphe

indafrica March 29, 2022
Updated 2022/03/29 at 7:19 AM

Winston turns up the heat even more.

The last time we saw Winston, he was stabbed and on the ground as Sphe ran out the dungeon door.
This week we see him walking into the hospital bloody with a stab wound again. Remember that is how we met Winston, to begin with? He came in as a stab wound patient.

Luyolo attends to him in a rush.
Luyolo must be wondering who keeps stabbing him like this? It is very suspicious. Although knowing Winston, he will probably say it was Mazwi. He tried to confront him to ask for Sphe’s whereabouts, and Mazwi chose violence.

It gets worse, though; later on in the video, Winston and Sphe are seen in an unidentified field, and Sphe looks shocked as Winston holds a flower above a ground that looks like a freshly covered grave.

The next shot we see is of Sphe’s feet dangling as if she was hanged.
Mpho sits in the Files backroom, talking to Mazwi about recent events. Mazwi tells him that the last time he saw Sphe, she was alive in the dungeon when they hacked into Winston’s hidden camera.

Nontle is still on her mission to catch Nkosiyabo. She still needs to find the evidence she needs. She couldn’t get the proper evidence in the computer she stole from him.

Now she is looking to break into his main computer. Nontle asks Mpho to help her steal Nkosiysbo’s computer, and when Mpho declines, she takes matters into her own hands
Generations The Legacy this week.

Nontle can be seen holding an object approaching Nkosiysbo’s car, and it looks like she is attempting to break into it.

Nontle broke into the first computer, but she doesn’t know how to handle changing Nkosiyabo’s password because she doesn’t know his original one.

Nkosiyabo is then seen talking to someone on the phone, frantically trying to protect his files on the computers. He tells this person that he has changed his passwords again, but he is still worried about the files in those computers.

Meanwhile, Nkosiyabo is still at it with Ayanda, and their argument will turn into an unexpected encounter between two.

We are in for an even more shocking drama this week.
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