How Nkosi will be forced to marry MaMpho

indafrica April 1, 2022
Updated 2022/04/01 at 9:56 AM

One thing about MaMpho, she will always get what she wants.

Carrying Nkosi’s baby is surely a lifetime ticket for Mampho to live her desired soft life in the Zwide mansion.

Last night’s episode she hinted to faith that she’d like to move in with them and it seems both faith and Funani think thats a great idea but Nkosi will definitely deny.

Once MaMpho moves into the mansion she will become very close with Faith and the two will becone best of friends.

The elders negotiating damages will demand that Nkosi marries MaMpho because as the Zwide’s they don’t want to have a ‘bastsard child’.

For a while Nkosi will refuse but at a later stage he will be left with no choice but to give in and learn to love his baby mama. That will be the end of power couple Shoki and Nkosi.

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