SEE: Sphe’s heartbreaking final goodbye

indafrica April 1, 2022
Updated 2022/04/01 at 6:25 AM

Winston takes the word crazy to a whole new level. He is a psychopath who believes in the evil things he does to people.

Winston murdered Mia in cold blood right in front of Sphe. He first took Mia after she was fired from Moroka Media for selling company secrets to Tshidi Moroka.

Winston despised Mia for being untrustworthy. Sphe made an unfortunate discovery when Winston gave her a necklace belonging to Mia.

Winston is panicking because the police are looking for him. He has decided to skip town but not before taking his beloved Sphe with him.

In tonight’s episode crazy Winston will make Sphe call her family and say her goodbyes. Could this be the last we see Mpho Monama.

But Mpho and Mazwi are determined to find out the truth and bring Sphe home. But first they will have to catch crazy Winston who is gifted in computers.

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