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indafrica April 2, 2022
Updated 2022/04/02 at 10:18 AM

Itis not a secret that NkosiyaboCeleis a handsomeand successful man. And heis also abachelorbecausethere is no mention of hiswifeor girlfriend.

Heis thoseallwork andnoplay kind of menbut itseemsthingsare about to change.Thedisappearanceof Sphe has brought him andAyandacloser.

Ayanda is always sayingthat she hates his guts but her actions say otherwise. One night shehad avery romantic dreamabout Nkosiyaboand sincethenshehasbeen questioning hersanity.

Pamela KhozahasaccusedAyandaof having feelings for Nkosiyabowhichshe refutedof course. Intonight’s episodewe see AyandaleaningintoNkosiyabo almost asiftokiss him.

Ayanda is playing adangerousgame andit willendintears.Nkosiyabo is not afraid to use and discardaperson likea chewing gum.She is risking losingdetective Malinga overa fantasywith amanwho is ruthlessbothinbusinessandpersonal. Just askthe Morokas, they willtell you.

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