SEE: Winston leaves a threatening message for Sphe

indafrica April 5, 2022
Updated 2022/04/05 at 7:07 AM

The soapie left people in tears as soon as Sphe got kidnapped , knowing there’s no way out for her to come out and how crazy Wiston can be .

I mean , she once stole Winston’s phone and called Mazwi but it didn’t end well .

What made fans crazy is that , he knew how to cover his tracks and he was good at pretending when he was crying for his lover and how he made Nkosiyabo believe he was on his side .

He’s a psychopath , he always get away with anything . He linked everything to Mazwi but that didn’t stop Mazwi to go out there looking for her , he’d cry infront of Nkosiyabo and the detectives trying to show that he’s also in pain .

Sphe survived but it seems like he won’t stop torturing Sphe any minute from now on . The rose that he gave Sphe when he was hanging her ended up in her room again , she couldn’t stop crying knowing that he could still come near her anytime .

It seems like Sphe doesn’t trust her uncle , she wish her dad was still alive so that he can protect her .

We know how protective Jack Mabaso was , if it means there should be dead bodies in order for his family to be safe then that’s it . Even his workers knew , they wouldn’t double cross him like that .

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