See how Vika can Defeat Nkunzi by Recruiting Sbu

Vika is the new ruthless and hothead gangster in KwaMashu. Vika was told that he is working on a turf that is not his.

Vika specializes in Hijacking cargo trucks and sell the products inside with a large amount of money.

Vika always manages to get away from the police as he usually kills those who see his face.

Vika is the one who killed Oliphant and Shot Lilly. Lilly got on a coma and Vika sent someone to finish her off but luckily Mondli arrived on time to kill the guy sent to kill Lilly first.


Since Vika and Nkunzi are fighting for the throne of who will rule KwaMashu. Vika could need to know Nkunzi’s weaknesses, in order for him to find that he must find someone who hates Nkunzi.

That person who now hates Nkunzi is Sbu. Sbu knows everything about how Nkunzi operates and his weaknesses. Getting Sbu out of jail and recruiting him could be a great strategy for Vika to dethrone Nkunzi.

The reason Sbu hates Nkunzi now is because he thought they will get him out of jail but Njeza told him that won’t happen and he now realizes that no one is coming for him.

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