SEE: Riky Rick’s mom reaches Mount Everest Base Camp

Award-winning Mzansi artist, Riky Rick ’s mother, Louisa Zondo has finally reached Mount Everest Base Camp.

After 10 days of trekking with Riky Rick’s aunt Xoliswa Kakana, reflection and connecting with Riky, Zondo achieved her goal of standing 5 364m above sea level.

We finally reached Mount Everest Base Camp on our Day 10 of the trek. Aunt Xoli and I were exhilarated! Among other things, I was caught up in the realisation that at that moment I was standing 5364m above sea level, at this place that I had hoped to get to since 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic intervened.

“The concrete immediacy of each moment’s walking, challenges and lessons had the effect of disaggregating the trek quite significantly, however arrival at Base Camp brought everything together.

In this expansive state, ‘MaRiky’, I laid out something of a memorial for you at the Base Camp rock,” she said.
She posted pictures of things that she had taken with her on the journey and said.

“Your beloved wife, Bianca, and children – Jordan and Maik – had sent me off with a few memorabilia. Singing Methodist Xhosa Hymn 259 – Ndinik’amehlo Ndikhangele … I lay out a ‘Riky Rick … We Multiply’ T-shirt on the rock.

“Above it was a chain containing: medallion of St Michael – the archangel who among other virtues helps us in our hour of death – as a symbolic representation of Bianca and the kids’ prayers; a St Christopher medallion representing my travel prayers for all of us; and a medallion with a ‘MaRiky’ engraving.

“The last medallion is the beautiful product of young talented jewellers at the tattoo joint that your friends recently opened up in Braam Square.

I laid it as your family’s commitment to carrying forward your legacy of caring for and supporting young people,” she said.

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