7 Gay Actors Whom Men Confuses For Women

Selby Mkhize

Plays tge role of Lulu on Imbewu The Seed. She looks more like a woman rather than a man that he is.

2. Khaya Dladla

He played the role of GC on Uzalo, he is currently playing Lazarus on the House of Zwide. He looks so much like a lady because of the make up and the way he dresses.

3. Anathi Gobeni

He plays the role of Lindo on Imbewu The Seed. He looks so much like a lady yet he is a man. He dresses like a lady, talks and walks like a lady.

4. Mzamo Gcabashe

He plays the role of Jamaica on Rhythm City. He is also one of the gay actors whom men Confuses for women , he dresses like a lady, braids his hair and puts on some make-up.

5. Lasizwe Dambuza

He looks like a woman, the Brazilian hair he wears, the makeup and he dresses like a lady.

6. Lindah Majola

He is a gay that acts on the drama series The Wife where he is a twin of Hlomu the main character of the drama series. He talks, walks and dresses like a lady.

7. Bujy Bikwa

He is a South African presenter. He is one of the gay Actors Whom men confuses for women.

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