Ayanda to divorce husband Pele for Nkosiyabo? See how

indafrica April 8, 2022
Updated 2022/04/08 at 1:02 PM

Ayanda is stuck in a boring marriage but has gotten the taste of promiscuity and she’s loving it.

Majola who is now married to cop Pelele/ Dali Malinga has always been attracted to bad boys but got herself in sheets and a life time commitment with a cop who wants to do everything according to the book.

Now that Ayanda has been sneaking around with her boss, she will sury want more of that and will be unable to control herself.

Last night she stood up Dali after he planned a romantic dinner at Zola Radebe hotel.

What Ayanda needs is a man who is spontaneous, wild and adventurous not doing the same old boring things everyday.

In a way to save herself she will have to divorce Dali and commit herself to Nkosiyabo but are such relationships strong?

Her relationship with Nkosiyabo is built mainly on lust while hers with Dali is built on everything including family values.

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