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indafrica April 15, 2022
Updated 2022/04/15 at 10:39 AM

Scandal Etv is one of the longest running television soap operas in South Africa with over twenty years of being on air. Over the past years of being on air writers did their level best to ensure that viewers are pleased at all times.

They were actually serving the right content that viewers have been asking for. Their talented actors who are able to portray their characters in an exceptional manner made it possible for viewers to remain loyal to the cast always making it to the best social media trends daily.

Currently viewers seem to be not impressed at all by the content that they are being given. They have been complaining countless times because the storyline of Amo acted by Kagiso Rathebe , Hlengiwe acted by Nqobile Khumalo and Nyasha acted by Jerome Galileo .

The cast has been dragging the storyline of Amo who seem to be the reason why viewers are soon to burst out. Amo is abusing Hlengiwe by manipulating her without her knowing. He cheated on her with his superior Dintle and Hlengiwe never found out about that.

Now because the tables have turned he can’t handle the breakup. Hlengiwe found the person whom she thinks is the best for her and one whom she believes he completes her but she cannot enjoy every moment of it.

Now Amo has turned into something else that viewers are no longer happy with. Viewers say that the cast is promoting the abuse of women from men . They say they are normalizing the abuse of innocent women who are unable to raise their voices.

Many women have been killed by men who thought that they own them and wouldn’t want anything to happen to them.

The fact that they are dragging the storyline more is making viewers more angry. Many have been calling for the removal of this soap opera for a long time.

Others have revealed that they stopped watching the soap opera because of this. They now want the cast to be removed as they believe that it is portraying wrong things.

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