Scandal: See How the Kubekas will be arrested

indafrica April 18, 2022
Updated 2022/04/18 at 10:18 AM

When his empire is on the brink of financial ruin, head of the Kubeka household Vukile’s (Fana Mokoena) desperation pushes him into working with shady businessman Mukuna (Joe Kazadi).

Vukile has always believed himself to be an upright man and a worthy role model. But when he finds himself having to choose between continuing being on the right side of the law and doing whatever it takes to keep the business afloat, He takes the evil path.

He doesn’t want to fail and out of shame he hides this deal from his heir Jojo (Melusi Mbele). But Vukile soon realises that his secret could turn deadly.


Uthuli Waste needs massive cash injections and this deal provides them with exactly that. They’ve been struggling for a while and this is a chance to get out of trouble.

Thing is, when you do a deal with the devil, he’ll want his return almost immediately. Vukile starts to see little signs that maybe this deal could pose a danger, but as we all do, he ignores them.

It’s not one thing that gives him a clue that his family and business might be in danger, but things that happen over time.

“They transport a variety of goods for Mukuna, and as time goes by, these ‘goods’ become far more serious and dangerous,” says Fana, who won’t reveal what it is that his character is moving for the thug.

Mukuna is a man of secrets and he’s found the perfect partner in Vukile. This gives him the perfect step to explore lucrative ventures. And while Vukile realises the situation he’s in and that it could blow up in his face, he’s got to do this.

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