Kelly Khumalo Is Said To Have Ordered Somebody To Clean The House Senzo Meyiwa Was Killed In

indafrica April 21, 2022
Updated 2022/04/21 at 3:23 PM

Kelly Khumalo is said to have ordered somebody to clean the house Senzo Meyiwa was killed at, but of course there are many allegations that have been lodged on social media and people are just wondering if they will be able to ensure that things are running smoothly.

It is very unfortunate that such a thing is happening in the country where someone who is a public figure who was shot and killed but no one can get the answers, it is believed that there is a lot of sinister motives that have been done here because we have to consider that there were many people in that room when this gentleman got shot and killed.

The blood and the bullet case weren’t found which led to a compromise of the case’s investigation and it is known that such behaviours are exhibited by hitmen, and it has also been revealed that there were hitmen which were called to the house and it is alleged that they are the ones who killed Senzo but the 5 hitmen were arrested and they denied the allegations.

Why isn’t she(Kelly Khumalo) and the person who cleaned charged with defeating the ends of justice, that is usually how these cases work and if it was just an ordinary member of the public who was involved we know that there would have been arrests which were made immediately but with the way money is being used in the country to defeat the ends of justice anything can be expected.

Something doesn’t make sense with the case because it is believed that Kelly and Senzo loved each other, they had a baby, she had everything to gain if he was alive.

Why would she get him killed? There was no life cover linked to her, so we can rule out the insinuation that she is another Rosemary Ndlovu.

Apparently it was a hit but we all know that hitmen do not shoot their target once because they know that they have a huge chance of survival they tend to repeatedly shoot in the torso and in the head, to ensure that their victims are dead and wont get the chance to even be revived in hospital.

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