People Call My 4-Year-Old Baby A Pregnant Boy, It Really Hurts- Lady painfully Narrate

indafrica April 22, 2022
Updated 2022/04/22 at 10:07 AM

People in Sofia’s village tease her eldest son because he looks like a pregnant teenager, she said..

People always make fun of him and refer to him as “pregnant boy,” despite the fact that they know he’s sick and not pregnant but choose to make fun of him anyway.

She said it began two days after the birth of her first child. They had to take her baby to the hospital because of his large stomach. Because they couldn’t figure out what was wrong after seeing him, the doctors sent her elsewhere for treatment.

There was no one who could help her son, even though she had sold everything she owned to bring him to a city hospital. It hurt her as a mother to see her son being mocked as a little pregnant boy by the villagers, who taunted her about her son’s pregnancy.

Since the entire town thought their son was pregnant, she and her family had to deal with constant ridicule. He’s in a lot of pain, and he doesn’t get much sleep. His four-year-old son has never been to school before, so this is especially difficult for her.

By raising money for her son’s treatment in India, the mother hopes that people will stop referring to her son as a pregnant boy.

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