Skeem Saam actress Maureen shot… See who did it

Turfloop police debating about an issue when they can just go get their first suspect because she is the only one who has motive. Babeile took number one suspect to police station for questioning.

Babeile is trying to protect the community but how do you arrest someone without evidence. What’s happening to Meikie clearly shows how our justice system has messed up.

That fraudster or scammer behind bars. Babeile and his captain cannot see what this women have in common that got them shot?

Meikie has had enough and does not deserve this. A man that once loved and married a woman today treats her like that. Meikie needs to leave John. With a husband like that, who needs enemies. John Maputla needs to move in with the Seakamela’s ASAP. He’s too spineless to be Meikie’s husband.

That lady from prison (Octovia) is not playing games. I wonder what she hopes to achieve with this, besides getting Meikie arrested again. What does Octavia really want from Meikie? Meikie has never been involved in any of her scams.

The person who’s behind Melita and Maureen’s shootings is that lady who was in the same cell with Meikie Maputla in prison, now that Meikie is out, she wants to make it seem like Meikie is the one who’s responsible for these shootings.

She has set everything up just to get Meiki back in the cells.. Maurine is part of the equation now. She’s sabotaging her because she was not happy with her appeal.

Octavia is behind all this shootings, she scammed Melita and Maureen and they’re now shot. Those two are on a mission now everyone will think it’s Meikie.

They getting rid of all the Transnet scammed victims… and made sure there was a public evidence of them with John to implicate Meikie. It’s kinda far fetched but also not but well if Meikie has a alibi she is good. But we know they won’t have to arrest her.

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