Gogo Maweni Splashes R2000 On Her Snake’s Treatment

Gogo Maweni Splashes R2000 On Her Snake’s Treatment

Gogo Maweni is trending on social media once again after it emerged that she pays a lot of money for her snake’s treatment at the vet.

According to celebrity gossip blogger Musa Khawula, Gogo Maweni splashed R2000 on her snake which she has named Escobar.

In a video shared on Twitter, Gogo Maweni can be seen at the vet with her snake.

The video sparked mixed reactions, as tweeps questioned why she spends so much money on her snake’s treatment. On the other hand, some tweeps questioned why she doesn’t use her own muthi to treat her snake instead of going to the vet.

Check out some of the reactions;@BestMasasi
Why can’t she give Escobar her
[email protected]
Why can’t she cure it herself ain’t she a
[email protected]_ZASHE must be special yoh

@TheUltraEgoShe must be sleeping with this [email protected]_sabrez
Why not treat it ngo muthi phela?Meanwhile, this is not the first time Gogo Maweni has got social media buzzing about her snakes.

Not long ago Musa Khawula once shared pictures of Gogo Maweni at work in her ancestral hut. The pictures show Gogo Maweni, kneeling in front of her “ancestral” wares, with a snake draped around her neck.

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