Not another suicide please, This is heartbreaking

indafrica April 26, 2022
Updated 2022/04/26 at 11:15 AM

The topic of depression has been talked about enough lately. However talking about depression will not prevent people from being diagnosed with it.

This year alone there has been a lot of people who took their own lives (committed suicide) after being depressed for a long time.

Another problem to be considered is that people who are not well-known in the public are not noticed when they are going through depression. After committing suicide, no one attends their funerals as well because they are not famous. That’s just the hush reality of life.

The whole of South Africa has been mourning the death of “Ricky Rick” who committed suicide about two months ago. It has not been easy at all for all the hip-hop fans in the country.

Not so long ago one of the most famous music producers who is well known by the name of “Makwa” posted some suicidal hints on his Instagram. This left other music artists (including Kienarn Forbes) worried about him. A Youtube video was created regarding this whole matTer and it helped to give clarity to fans.

Kienarn Forbes went on to comment under the post and said that “Makwa” must not do it (commit suicide). He also emphasized that there is more to life than music. According to the comments under the post, Kienarn Forbes has been calling Makwa but the phone is not answered.

The truth is anyone can commit suicide but the question is what causes celebrities and people in the music industry to commit suicide most of the time?

The video that reports everything regarding this matter is provided below.

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