SEE: This is How much Dr Sphe Moroka gets from Generations a month

indafrica April 26, 2022
Updated 2022/04/26 at 8:39 AM

Salaries: Dr Sphe Moroka ‘Pearl Monama’ salary at Generations shocks Mzansi

No doubt she has fast become the face of Generations of late. Pearl Noxolo Monama is a South African actress best known for her on-screen character Doctor Sphe Cele – Moroka on SABC 1 soapie Generations.

On Generations, she is the daughter of Jack Mabaso, who is married to the powerful Moroka. We can all agree her unmatched talent has managed to wow Mzansi for seasons, and we can’t get enough of her daily.

The 28-year-old actress was dupped as one of the fast-rising actresses a few years ago, and she never ceased to amaze.

Her unmatched talent on-screen has made Mzansi believe that she is a doctor in real life, but alas, she is not. The actress happens to be a movie director and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Drama Studies from the University of Pretoria.

However, apart from acting and directing, she doubles as a fitness bunny. Just like those before her, the bubbly actress was thrust into the limelight whilst she was young.

She managed to burst into the scene just after graduating in 2016, and her Generations gig saw her into stardom, and the rest was history. On Generations, she is married to Mzawi Moroka in an arranged marriage between Jack Mabaso and the Cele clan.

Dr Sphe Moroka ‘Pearl Monama’ salary at Generations shocks Mzansi
However, in one of her interviews, she lashed out at arranged marriages and weighed into the matter with her two cents.

“I believe that marriage is for a lifetime, and marrying someone you hardly know will not make the marriage successful. It’s an exploitative way of marriage directed towards young women; in marriage, consent is a constitutional right for women in South Africa.”

However, many questions have been asked about how much the actress earns in the wake of her storyline. In recent years salaries of actors have been determined with experience and time on scenes.

Well, for her Dr Moroka character Pearl Noxolo Monama is paid a whopping R40000 per month.

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