SEE: Mzansi in stiches after seeing Bonang’s pics before riches

She didn’t come to have fun; she came to kill! She is the first queen Bee. She’s the mother, her co-stars are her daughters, and sure, she gave birth to them.

She isn’t in the entertainment industry, yet it runs through her blood. She’s a movie actress, a businesswoman, and a fashion icon.

Bonang Dorothy, Matheba, Girls, get out of the way because her crown won’t fit on your crooked lace fronts, and you’d better keep an eye on your men!

She wasn’t always so glamorously fantastically stunning, either. Yes, she was once like the rest of us: broke, unattractive, and lonely. She was, after all, once a mortal being.
We have the receipts, so try not to crack your pants.

We had “uDororthi” from around the corner house before we had the Queen B we now love and adore.

Nonetheless, here are some photos of Bonang Matheba before and after the film Fame, Fortune, and the Crown:


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