Salaries: SEE Who earns more Lindiwe from The River vs MaZulu from Imbewu

indafrica May 2, 2022
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In recent years, Mzansi has managed to become one of the entertainment powerhouses in Africa and the world. However, this development has led to the revolution of the acting industry. Yes, showrunners have managed to up their game with exciting storylines and hefty amounts paid to casts to match international standards.

We can all agree that The River and Imbewu haven’t been spared from this initiative. However, many questions have been asked whether which drama series pays better than the other in the wake of this.

In the wake of this debate, Lindiwe from The River and MaZulu from Imbewu have seen themselves trending. Well, but who earns more Lindiwe from The River vs MaZulu from Imbewu?

Sindi Dlathu ‘Lindiwe’ from The River salary

Sindi Dlathu is a celebrated South African actress who plays Lindiwe on Mzansi Magic hit soapie The River. The multi-award-winning star actress is well known for her Muvhango role as Thandaza Mokoena.

The veteran actress has brought about a new face to The River with her stellar performances.
The leading role of the ruthless business lady goes to Sindi Dlathu, who rounds up as Lindiwe. Sindi had to leave SABC2’s Venda-soapie Muvhango to clinch the new top billing role of Lindiwe.

Salaries: The River Lindiwe vs Imbewu MaZulu (Source Instagram)
She is a rather ruthless matriarch of her mining family, and she is the one that must do everything to keep things in order.

This stunning role-reversal character portrays Sindi as a different person from whom millions of South African viewers knew when she was cast as the

It is sometimes a shocker as they get to watch their sweet actress turn into a cunning, cruel, and vicious character. In a way, it is a “love and hate her” affair as they continue discovering the new evil of her persona on-screen. Well, this is what brilliant actors are like. They fit into anything, any time. Lindiwe takes home between R85,000 and R95,000 per month.

Leleti Khumalo ‘MaZulu’ from Imbewu: The River salary
Her career spans decades her acting skills are unmatched. She is one of the most celebrated star actresses not only in Mzansi but the world at large. Leleti Khumalo is a celebrated South African actress who plays MaZulu on etv’s hit soapie Imbewu: The Seed.

The award-winning star actress has become a reckoning force in the entertainment industry in Mzansi and the world at large.

Globally, she is renowned for her role in Sarafina, Hotel Rwanda, Invictus, and Yesterday. Besides acting, Khumalo is also a radio show host and an accomplished musician.
From an early age, she wanted to pursue acting; she began her career in music and acting when she joined a youth dance group, Amajika.

During this time, Tu Nokwe mentored the budding actor. When she was 15 years old, her journey from obscurity to stardom began.

The talented actress is currently playing MaZulu , a leading role in etv’s hit soapie Imbewu: The Seed, and has won the hearts of many. However, she also doubles as the drama series co-producer.

With her successful illustrious career spanning decades, one would probably wonder how much Leleti Khumalo racks in. No doubt that the veteran actress is one of the most paid actors in Mzansi and Africa at large.

Currently, Khumalo is amongst the highest soapie earners. Rumour has it that the star actress take-home salary is between R95 000 and R120 000 per month, depending on scenes.

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