Another Pregnancy scandal on House of Zwide… SEE WHO

indafrica May 4, 2022
Updated 2022/05/04 at 3:50 PM

Another Pregnancy scandal is probably brewing on House of Zwide and this time around is probably from one of the girls in Thembisa.

Shoki and Ona are at the stages of their relationships where they need to make drastic decisions to save their relationships. Although Ona is ready to take Soka to the land of no return and give him the cookie.

Shoki on the other hand has this whole MaMpho baby mama overshadowing and overtaking her relationship with Nkosi.

Now Shoki had to force Nkosi to move back into the Zwide mansion and be there for Mampho. Won’t that jeopardize her relationship?

If Shoki wants to save her relationship with Nkosi she will have to give him what MaMpho gave him. Which is a baby.

As soon as the baby is born Nkosi will definitely fall in love with the baby and sideline Shoki, making MaMpho the winner.

Meanwhile Ona will let Soka deflower her and we all know what usually happens with most first timers.

Also now that Sandile and Zanele are in a happy long distance relationship. It is important to note that the two had drunk s.ekx before she left for London and protection wasn’t used.

Zanele’s story line had ended and the only way she can come back is with Sandile’s child (pregnancy).

Remember this is an opinion and prediction. Share your opinion as well below.

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