He’s a millionaire: Uzalo’s Nkunzi real life age and net worth

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Uzalo Actor Nkunzi’s Net Worth, Kids, Wife, Age And More
He is a poetandentertainer bynature.

On film, he’salso a manwe’ve allgrown tolove anddetestinvarious degrees. Thebrilliant actresshas also been in several televisionshowsand just releasedanalbum titled Timeto Rhyme.Masoja wasa mininglaborer beforecommencinghisacting career.

He wassacked from his miningjob for being part of ademonstration, and that is how hechoseto goback to acting. Masoja Msiza is a South African singer, poet, and actorbest known for hisperformance as Nkunzi in the film Uzalo.

Mtuzini.com and Scandal! are only afew of the TV showsinwhich the actor hasappeared.

Shreads andDreams, Rhythm City, Intersexions, iNkaba, Jozi Streets, Sokhulu &Partners, Zabalaza, Ya Lla, and Mfolozi Street are all examples of Jozi Streets. Masoja hasbeen acting since hewasnineyearsold.

Heused to act in school and church, andhewon a theater competitionwhen he was 14 years old. Masoja went towork ina mining operation after graduating from high school.Hewas firedasa resultof his involvementinademonstration.

He considers this a giftbecauseitwas then that he began topursuehisacting aspirations. His firstrole wasin Gibson Kente’s play Mfowethu, whichhewrote and directed.

Masoja Msiza age
He wasborn onthe 5thof October 1965. Thismakeshim57yearsold.

Masoja Msiza wife
InnocentiawasMasoja’s wife. Given Masoja’s accusations, the coupleis thoughttohave divorced.

Masoja is the proud fatherof two children anda boywhom headores.

In Ndebele, the star has beenelevated. He wasborn and raised inKwaThema, a township east of Joburg.Hewas exposed toseveral languages asa child and learned himself Zulu.

Net worth
Nkunzi is featuredatnumber2, his estimated net worth is R4262885.70

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