Where did Noah from Skeem Saam ‘Austin Mothapo’ disappear to?

Austin Mothapo, who played the role of Noah on Skeem Saam, exited the show and disappeared from the screens.

If we remember pretty well, Noah confessed to his mother, Mokgadi Maputla and his granny Marry Motloga that he burnt down the factory. He was terrified for his life and future if the truth came out. Evidence came forward that the young man had used a petrol bomb to burn down the factory.

His friend Koloi was hurt, and his friend led to his mother’s death. Although Mary and Mokgadi tried their hardest to keep him out of jail, they couldn’t as there was evidence.

Eventually, the boy attended court and was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment after his sentencing, and viewers weren’t specific if he was leaving the soapie indefinitely.
When Noah went to the jail cell, he saw his father, Sikes, a gang leader.

Surprisingly enough, Sikes is an adult, but Noah went to a juvenile prison. Skeem Sam left the viewers with a huge question mark. What happened after Noah was in jail with his dad?

His real-life interests

Austin was acting on Skeem Saam whilst harnessing his photography and videography skills in real life. He made extra cash by doing a few gigs behind the lenses. He also got a custom made race car helmet with his name from America.

He is also an avid motorsports fan and a self-proclaimed number one fan of the Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen. In 2021, he appeared on a podcast discussing all things cars.
Austin Molapo played Noah on Skeem Saam.

What is he doing for a living now?
Austin is an IT graduate from the Tshwane University of Technology.

He played Noah on
Skeem Saam after graduating. He is extremely private and rarely ever posts on social media. Some of his fans think he has a business in the industry of his qualifications. Others believe he is working in the motor industry.

Gains and return to Skeem Sam
On Skeem Saam, he played a very skinny high school pupil. Now he has gained weight in real life.

He is definitely on the chubby side of life now. If he returns to Skeem Saam, it will be hard to explain how a prisoner comes back looking so nourished. We’re not sure if he’ll ever return to the screen, but his fans miss him.

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