Meet South African celebrities who lost their homes and went back to being poor

indafrica May 8, 2022
Updated 2022/05/08 at 6:30 AM

Famous people tend to be extremely well-off, from athletics to artists to actresses. Despite this, there is no shortage of stars who find a way to squander even the most remarkable wealth.

Some of the world’s most famous people have discovered a way to lose it all, mainly through big purchases rather than smaller ones.

When tabloids and social media report celebrities’ every lavish move, we tend to forget that they may be broke themselves.

They appear to have an endless supply of cash, as evidenced by their million-dollar yachts and handbags that cost as much as a year of college. Another group of celebrities has lost everything and, while some have recouped their losses, others are still trying to do so.

For a variety of reasons, celebrities have lost money. With no money left in their bank accounts, they were forced to pay hefty taxes. Others have had their inheritances abruptly cut off, leaving them scrambling to get by on a far tighter budget than they were used to.

Tinah Mnumzane

She is Tinah Mnumzana, the daughter of the late Egyptian ruler.
Tinah Mnumzana, a South African poet and performer, is best known for her roles in Isidingo and Scandal!

Despite her birthplace being Johannesburg, South Africa, she was raised in Pretoria, the province’s main city. Ihawu le Sizwe, a political thriller on SABC1, features her as Silindile Mahlangu.

In 2005, the actress was evicted from her home because she couldn’t keep up with her mortgage payments. She was evicted because her home had been seized by a bank.

Mike Mvelase

There was a time when Mike Mvelase was a household name
On Generations, Mike Mvelase portrayed Khapela Ngcobo.

Although he was born in Johannesburg, he grew up in Pretoria for most of his early years. When it comes to film and television, Mr. Mvelase is an industry veteran. Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory is where he received his acting training.

‘Khapela,’ a famed actor who was forced to live on the streets after his bank was repossessed, was left homeless. The mansion was put up for auction because of the rapid pace of events.

Philemon Masinga

It has been difficult for Masinga since 2011 to move from a well-known and financially comfortable footballer to being poor and penniless. As far as I know, there’s no evidence to support these claims.

Pamela Nomvete

After her divorce, the former actress has nowhere to call home. She allegedly traded in her belongings for cigarettes and food while she was inside.

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