SAD: Condolences pour in to Scandal actor Mukuna

Death has once again hit another media personality leaving him heartbroken after loosing his loved one.

Joe Kazadi is a South African based media personality known for being a model and an actor.

He is popular known from Uzalo whereby he played the role of Philliphe who was a businessman involved in criminal activities. He was working with another criminal on the show being Nkunzi Mhlongo.

Kazadi also appeared on shows such as A crime Uncovered, Strike Back 3, Ekasi Our Stories, Jacobs Cross, Generations and Intersexions. Joe is currently going through a difficult time after having lost his loved one in a cruel manner.

He lost his brother, Christian Kazadi who was the owner of Click Media SA company. Chris was allegedly murdered by a Congolese man. Kazadi took to social media announcing and opening up about his passing.

“My blood, first of all as your Big bro. I am so proud of you Kazadi wa Mawu. You did the impossible in a country that was not our own. From the South where we saw some of the hardest struggles as foreign kids, you rised up like it was home”,Joe Kazadi said on Instagram.

“Few days ago, we were supposed to go out for a drink and plan our new venture and when i couldn’t make it, wow you were so disappointed but now i understand Chris. Now i am at the back of a car crying on my way to go comfort mom. I am sorry my G.

I am sorry that our own killed you at home where you supposed to be safe. I am sorry that we weren’t there to protect you”.

Condolences to Joe and his family on the loss of their loved one. It is so sad how people are continuing to loose their lives in the hands of others while everyone has a right to live, more needs to be done on the side of the crime and justice system. Loosing a brother is more like loosing a father, May Joe find strength and comfort during this difficult time.

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