R2 million wedding: Minnie Dlamini caught cheating on husband, Refuses to sign divorce papers


Television personality Minnie Dlamini is allegedly refusing to sign divorce papers after his estranged husband Quinton Jones asked for a divorce, IndAfrica has learned.

This according to fast rising gossip commentator Musa Khawula who has been on a spree to expose celebrity files.

According to Musa, Minnie has been cold towards her husband since the passing of her brother and she was later caught cheating which sparked the dirvoce.

“Rumour has it Minnie Dlamini had been cold towards Quinton Jones after her brother’s passing, shortly after the brother’s passing Quinton found out Minnie was cheating on him and filed for divorce.

The divorce is on-going, apparently Minnie is refusing to sign the divorce papers,” said Musa.

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