List of Mzansi Famous Actors who got fired for bad acting Skills

The entertainment industry is filled with many talented individuals who bring a different form of talent, and some are even more talented than others. Some come as musicians, others as actors.

Some commas are actors, while others are TV producers. calm music producers. The list just goes on, but the ones who usually get the most attention are the ones who appear frequently on our television screens.

These are our actors and actresses who keep us entertained during the day and during the night after work when it comes to watching their soapies and the characters they play.

There are some who play characters so well that people end up loving or hating them, and then there are some who are just not loved and accepted by many because they are so dull when it comes to acting.

Not many actors have gone to school to study to become actors or actresses. Some are just on screen because of their pure talent, but some of these actors and actresses are so bad on screen that they have been fired because not many viewers enjoyed watching them and always complained about how bad they were at acting.

But in some cases, it is not that the actor or actresses are bad at portraying a character, it could be because there is not much to portray when it comes to the character, so the actor or actresses are not given much opportunity to express themselves or show their talent as much as they want to.

But some of these talented actors and actresses are so bad at portraying a character that they play the same character in every drama they act in, and this gets them fired.
Here is a list of actors who got fired because they were so bad at acting:

Duma Ntando

She is a fresh face in the entertainment industry and is making her own moves. She was even given an opportunity to become an actress in some of the most-watched dramas in South Africa.

She played the role of Mpho Sebata, the queen. Many people complained about how she was failing to play the character and that she was leaving them depressed, and when she left the show, many people were happy because they were not going to see her bad acting again.

Buhle Samuels:

She was given the role of Matshidiso in Muvhango, a beautiful, stunning woman who got a lot of attention for her body but was later fired for being a diva.

Brian Themba

Another actor from Muvhango who got fired for bad acting. The Rathomeng character bored many viewers, and he was not as exciting as the previous Rathomeng.

Larona Moagi

Sharon Seno.

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