Popular Sangoma reveals why Mzansi Celebs are dying young


In 2022 alone South Africa has lost so many talented people it’s heartbreaking. The entertainment industry is the one that has taken the biggest knock.

This year alone we have lost so many actors, actresses, and musicians. Just a last year South Africa was laid to rest the film mogul Shona Ferguson and many others the likes of Killer Kau and Mpura Mpura.

Ama piano hitmakers Killer Kau , Mpura, and Khanya died in a fatal car accident .

They were on their way to a gig in Rustenburg when they collided head-on with another car . Six people died in total including the man who was in the other car.

Legendary Hip Hop star, Riky Rick passed on earlier this year due to an alleged suicide. Earlier this month Gomora actor Sdumo also committed suicide. This has left many people questioning what is really happening in the entertainment industry.

A sangoma who predicted the death of the amapiano musicians has revealed why they died . He said South African celebrities are dying because of mingling with Nigerian artists.

They join things they don’t understand for money and end up losing their lives because of it. See the statement below.

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