How Sphe will kill Winston next month

The TVSA Generations: The Legacy June teasers indicate that the show’s fan-favourite character Sphe will face Winston ‘the serial killer’ in June and kill him.

This is after Winston kidnapped her, and attempted to kill her before she fled.


Generations: The Legacy viewers will be glad to know that the show’s latest villain – Winston (Lehasa Moloi) will finally get written out of the soapie in June when Sphe kills him.

He’s obsessed with Sphe because she’s the first woman to escape and he hates hiding from the law.
Winston will re-appear at the beginning of June after disappearing for months.

The Tuesday 14 June teaser reads:
The Thursday 16 June teaser reads:
The teasers indicate that Sphe and Winston will play a cat and mouse game for several weeks until he gets killed.

Sphe will wrestle with the idea of killing but will realise that she has no choice but to kill him to have peace of mind.

The Tuesday 21 June reads:

“Pressing the buttons of a serial killer seems to be working… or is it?”

The Friday 24 June reads:

“Sphe feels very much like the prey instead of the hunter.”


Sphe (Pearl Monama) will be changed forever after killing Winston because she’s never imagined herself as a killer.

She’s not like her father Jack Mabaso and her uncle Nkosiyabo who are dark and have been killed before.

Viewers of the show should expect a huge change in Sphe and expect her to turn out like Jack Mabaso.
She’s going to tap into the dark side…

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