She’s older and rich: Uzalo’s Zakhethelo real age and net worth

Nyalleng Thibedi is a South African actress famous for her role Zekhethelo on Uzalo. The motive was to take acting as a therapeutic hobby.

It, however, rubs off on her, and she becomes the superstar we all know and love. She defines “black doesn’t crack” and has every woman wanting to know the concoctions she uses to stay fresh. Maybe this article will reveal all of that. Let’s dive into Nyalleng Thabedi’s biography and learn more about her age, children, net Worth, cars and all that catches the eye.

Nyalleng Thibedi Biography
Date of birth: 4 September 1980
Birth Place: Rockville, Soweto
Profession: Actress, Brand Ambassador and engineer
Relationship Status: Single
Children: 1 son
Education and Qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (University of Cape Town), Dramatic Arts in New York.
Net Worth: R1 million

Nyalleng Thibedi Career
The actress has squashed the notion that people in the entertainment industry are not gifted intellectually. Believe it or not, Nyalleng is a certified Chemical Engineer.

Shocking, right? For the love of the arts, she studies acting in New York City, taking part in several movie productions.

“I learned about the concept of the actors’ studio and decided to move to the Americas. I spent a total of SIX years in the US working, taking classes, being part of a theatre group and acting in any stage production I could get involved in,” she says.

Nyalleng Thibedi’s role in Uzalo

Who doesn’t love it when Zekhethelo graces our TV screens? Zekhethelo is the stepdaughter of KwaMashu’s notorious criminal, Nkunzi (Masoja Msiza) , in the soapie. Her character goes through an emotional roller coaster. From discerning that Nkunzi is not her biological father to being destitute and becoming a drug addict.

In an uncanny twist, Zekhethelo shocks viewers as she returns for season 5 as a police officer. The new-fangled role leaves social media dumbfounded. Nyalleng delineates Zekhethelo as a young woman who grows up privileged and who forever and a day strives to be autonomous from how she grows up.

What else does Nyalleng Thibedi do besides acting?

The renowned actress is a model and brand ambassador. She has featured in commercials for prominent brands like Cell C and DSTV, to mention a few.

Does Nyalleng Thibedi have children?

If you watch Uzalo, then you must think she is in her twenties. It’s pretty convincing because she pulls it off flawlessly. However, she is way older than twenty.

Nyalleng is 40 years of age and a mother, something she doesn’t hide. She asserts that being a mother is one of the most exciting and pleasurable parts of life. Her son is six years old, and he has taught Nyalleng to be selfless.

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