Khanyi Mbau posted this pic but fans spotted something funny

indafrica May 23, 2022
Updated 2022/05/23 at 6:39 AM

Khanyi Mbau Gets Attacked By Fans Over This Picture That She Posted
Khanyi Mbau is a wonder in the entertainment industry who gains a lot of attention for even the smallest things that she does.

She’s always been in the public eye because of the controversial things that she does, which leaves a lot of people with opinions on how she chooses to live her life. She’s also someone who is very expressive about the things she does and does not shy away from speaking about them.

Khanyi Mbau is well known for dating men with money in her younger years and living a life that could now be classified as the “soft life” that everyone wants to live now, and many people remember her for that part of her life.

She also became the most talked about when she went on a journey of bleaching her whole skin, and she went from dark skinned to light skinned, and she got trolled by many for being extremely light skinned.

She has also been open about her journey of skin bleaching and said that some parts of her body are difficult to bleach, like her knuckles and elbows. Recently,

Khanyi has been living the life with her Zimbabwean boyfriend, whom she left in Dubai a few months back, and he was seen crying on social media. It seems like the two fixed things and they are happily in love.

Khanyi has been sharing beautiful pictures of herself. She was feeling good about herself when one fan trolled her for the picture that she posted.

Khanyi posted an image in which she was talking about her elbow, which everyone has been talking about because it has not lightened up as easily as most of her body parts, but then one fan went on to attack the celeb’s face and said Khanyi was very old now.

Another fan went to make fun of the celeb’s skin tone and said she was Michael Jackson because of how pale she has become.

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