The late Jamie Bartlett was involved with these women, see who they are

indafrica May 25, 2022
Updated 2022/05/25 at 9:52 AM

Mzansi has once again lost another actor that was one of the best in the entertainment industry and loved by many viewers.

Jamie Barlett was a South African based media personality. He was born in England but ended up in Mzansi as his mother is from South Africa. Barlet was popular known as an actor and appeared on Mzansi shows such as Rhythm City, Jozi H and others.

He was famous for his role on Rhythm City whereby he played the character of David Genaro. As Genaro, Jamie was a dangerous man who no one would want to mess with. He was a criminal, killer and dealer on the mentioned show.

The late Jamie Barlett was married to Mzansi’s actress by the name of Camilla Waldman who played the character of Anne on Generations before it became Generation’s The Legacy.

The two were not just married but also had a child together being a son. However, they marriage did not go far as they ended up divorcing and going separate ways.

Barlet was also involved with other women but as an actor on Rhythm City. He was involved with actress Pam Andrews who was Gail October on the show and the two had an on-screen son by the name of Quinton. Their on-screen relationship was not perfect but he loved and protected Gail together with their son.

As David Genaro, he was also involved with Tina Jaxa who appeared as the mother of Pearl on Rhythm City. However, they were not really on good terms as Thina always wanted to cause problems for Barlett as Genaro and the two were both criminals who wanted to over power each other.

Jamie Barlett was one of those who excelled in any given role on TV, it is so sad that the country has lost someone like him.He was one of the best in the entertainment industry and knew how to entertain viewers at all times. Barlett was the reason why many continued to watch Rhythm City even when other storylines were boring.

Leaving the mentioned show, Jamie previously said ” I’ve been playing David for a long time. I’m not saying he’s easy but my God, we have explored every bit of him. I know what he smells like. I know how much wax he has in his ears. It had to come to an end”.

Condolences to his family, friends and others especially his son. Loosing a father is one of the worst that one can go through.

May he find the strength to carry on and heal from the pain of loosing his father.
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