SEE: Mbali and Oby in nasty fight

indafrica May 29, 2022
Updated 2022/05/29 at 11:58 AM

The presence of Khabonina Qubeka who plays the role of Oby on Generations The Legacy is making Mzansi furious because of the behaviour she is set to portray on screen. On screen, Oby is an evil woman hiding her wickedness with a holy character and language.

She is able to manipulate people into siding with her and turning away from their families in order to benefit large amounts of money from them.

Oby has recently dragged Mbali, the adopted daughter of Lucy and Mrekza, into her evil church which she portrays as a holy house.

She managed to manipulate Mbali into falling in love with her and turn her back from her family and school. Oby wants to benefit from Lucy and Mrekza’s wealth and businesses and wants to use Mbali.

Mbali’s eyes have been opened after she saw the large amount of money Oby had in her bag which she suspected that Oby is doing illegal work for money. Mbali stole the money and put it in a flower pot so that she can show the other people at the holy house.

In the above picture, Oby is confronting Mbali about what she saw. Oby is threatened that Mbali’s eyes are beginning to open and see that everything is a scam.

Oby and her boyfriend whom she does dirty work with are now panicking because of Mbali and are strategising on how they can deal with her. Philani, Oby’s boyfriend, suggested that they just finish her off and go bury her where no one will find her.

Do you think they will kill Mbali? What are your thoughts on this matter? Comment down on the comment section.

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