Pics: Riky Rick’s wife puts a tattoe of her man

indafrica June 1, 2022
Updated 2022/06/01 at 9:52 AM

Bianca shows off her tattoo of her late husband Ricky Rick on the media, And Mzansi is not happy:

– It hasn’t been long since rapper and popular musician Ricky Rick passed away. When Ricky Rick was said to have passed on it caught many by surprise as many didn’t want to believe that he had passed on, And his wife Bianca Naidoo has gotten a tattoo of her late husband in reneberence to him.


Bianca Naidoo recently shared a photo of her new tattoo on her Instagram account, and it has caught many by surprise.

Mzansi twitter users went on to share her photo of her new tattoo on all social media accounts including twitter. Many didn’t like the idea of her getting such a tattoo on her arm.

Many twitter users believed that she was still to young to be getting a tattoo of her late husband Ricky Rick, Since she could still go on to be with somebody else in the future. Many went on to share different reasons and concerns towards her getting such a tattoo.

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I personally think that Bianca Naidoo didn’t do anything wrong about her getting a tattoo. Even though she would still get in a new relationship later on in the future it wouldn’t be a problem to anyone since she just have a tattoo of her late husband to keep in memory, Mzansi twitter users should’ve congratulating her for making something that will make her always remember her late husband.

Mzansi twitter users shared many different opinions towards the new tattoo she got, many were not impressed, here are some of the comments shared by twitter users in the comments section.

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