“He Sold His Soul To The Devil” Riky Rick’s wife Tattoo Of Her man Sparks Illuminati Rumours

indafrica June 2, 2022
Updated 2022/06/02 at 7:22 AM

“He Sold His Soul To The Devil” Bianca Naidoo’s Tattoo Of Her Husband Sparks Illuminati Rumours

Riky Rick’s wife Bianca Naidoo has sent social media into a frenzy after getting herself a tattoo of her late husband.

Her tattoo has since courted controversy on social media as many people are not so pleased with the symbolism associated with the tattoo.

A number of tweeps are arguing that Bianca’s tattoo is not just an ordinary tattoo but an Illuminati tattoo. They said that the covering of the eye, the weird looking rings and the ‘creepy occultic symbolism’ all points to Illuminati. Some are now convinced that Riky Ricky sold his soul to the devil and that he accumulated money and fame through Illuminati.

Here are some of the reactions;


I’m blown away at how spiritually blind the comment section is. Why is it that witches and sangomas know more about the spirit than we do? This is NOT just a tattoo. Can’t y’all see the symbolism behind it? The eye, the hand covering the eye and mouth, the rings??? Y’all blind??


So everyone is going to ignore the creepy occultic symbolism of this tattoo? Yikes.


I thought l was the only one seeing it. That’s the eye of Lucifer this guy sold his soul to the devil for fame, money and success that’s why he died like this.


Illuminate symbol.. one eye this sign is commonly used by devil worshippers after breaking the code n sell their souls to the devil

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